Texas Leads Cincinnati By Four In Brabham Cup Race

Entering the final week of the regular season, Texas has 115 points (52-7-11) and a four-point lead over Cincinnati (53-11-5) in the race for the Brabham Cup. The Wildcatters have the second-highest point total in ECHL history while the Cyclones have the fifth-most points ever. The league record is 116 points by Louisiana in 2001-02 while the third-highest is 113 points by Alaska in 2005-06 and the fourth-highest is 112 by Las Vegas in 2005-06.

Cincinnati has tied the ECHL record for second-most wins set by Florida in 1999-2000 and tied by Alaska and Las Vegas in 2005-06. Texas has the sixth-most wins in league history. The ECHL record for wins is 56 by Louisiana in 2001-02.

Texas has 26 road wins tying the ECHL record set by Louisiana in 2001-02. Cincinnati has 24 road wins which is one shy of the record for third-most road wins held by Florida (1999-2000 and 2005-06), Trenton (2000-01), Pensacola (2004-05) and Las Vegas (2005-06). The Cyclones have 29 home wins which ties the league record for fourth-most home wins held by Pee Dee (1998-99), Toledo (2002-03) and Gwinnett (2005-06).

Texas has two games remaining and will play at Florida on Friday and Saturday. The Wildcatters have won the last seven meetings with the Everblades and are 3-0-0 with two overtime wins at Florida and 7-0-1 overall in the season series.

Cincinnati has three games remaining and will play at Dayton on Tuesday, at Reading on Friday and at Trenton on Saturday. The Cyclones are 3-1-1 at Dayton and 7-3-1 overall in the season series with the Bombers, and have won the last four meetings with Reading to improve to 3-1-0 on the road and 7-1-1 overall in the season series with the Royals. Cincinnati is 4-0-0 at Trenton and 7-2-0 overall in the season series with the Devils.

Three times in ECHL history a team has won 50 games, but did not win the Brabham Cup: Gwinnett and Las Vegas in 2005-06 and Wheeling in 2003-04.

The Brabham Cup is named in recognition of Henry Brabham, who founded the ECHL in 1988-89 with five teams in four states. Brabham, who was the first inductee into the ECHL Hall of Fame, owned three of the original five teams, including the legendary Johnstown Chiefs who are celebrating their 20th season in 2007-08. The dedication of the Virginia businessman was crucial to the league surviving to span from coast-to-coast while advancing 350 players and countless coaches, on-ice officials and front office personnel to the National Hockey League.

Las Vegas has 102 points (45-12-12) and is the first team in ECHL history to surpass 100 points three seasons in a row. The Wranglers won the Brabham Cup in 2006-07 with 106 points after finishing second in 2005-06 with 112 points. The only other teams to score 100 points in back-to-back seasons are Alaska and Trenton. Trenton won the Brabham Cup in 2000-01 with 104 points and finished second in 2001-02 with 104 points while Alaska finished second in 2006-07 with 105 points after finishing first in 2005-06 with 113 points.

Texas has seven regulation losses while Cincinnati has 11 and Las Vegas has 12. The ECHL record for fewest losses is 11 by Richmond (1995-96) while the second-fewest losses is 12 by Alaska (2005-06) and Las Vegas (2006-07) and the fourth-fewest is 13 by Knoxville (1990-91), San Diego (2003-04) and Las Vegas (2005-06).

Texas had three home losses, which is one shy of the league record of two home losses by Louisiana (2001-02). Cincinnati had four home losses, which ties the record for third-fewest losses. The Cyclones are the ninth team to have four home losses and the first since Gwinnett and Alaska in 2005-06.

Texas has four road losses which is one less than the league record for fewest road losses by Las Vegas which had five road losses in 2006-07. Las Vegas and Cincinnati each have seven road losses tying the record for fourth-fewest road losses set by Peoria (2003-04) and tied by Bakersfield (2006-07).

The Cyclones set the ECHL record with 17 wins in a row from Jan. 16-29, breaking the record of 14 games by Knoxville from Dec. 28, 1993-Jan. 29, 1994 and Louisiana from Nov. 23-Dec. 22, 2001, and had an ECHL season high and team record 14-game home winning streak from Jan. 5-Mar. 12.

Most Points, Season
1. Louisiana 116 2001-02
2. Texas 115 2007-08
3. Alaska 113 2005-06
4. Las Vegas 112 2005-06
5. Cincinnati 111 2007-08

Most Wins, Season
1. Louisiana 56 2001-02 Won Brabham Cup
2. Cincinnati 53 2007-08 TBD
Alaska 53 2005-06 Won Brabham Cup
Las Vegas 53 2005-06
Florida 53 1999-2000 Won Brabham Cup
6. Texas 52 2007-08 TBD