Trade Is Wake-Up Call For Galbraith

By Lindsay Kramer Correspondent

Forward Lance Galbraith admits he got a bit fat this year.

Maybe not literally, but the results were the same regardless.

And when it came time to trim dead weight from Alaska, he knows that he was the logical candidate for snipping.

“As a veteran, when things aren’t going well, you look at my stats, they aren’t where I want them to be,” he said. “They (Alaska) didn’t sign me back to have 3 goals and (7) assists at Christmas.”

But indeed that’s where Galbraith’s numbers stood at the break. As a result, he subsequently stood in Utah as a member of the Grizzlies after the Aces traded him there last week.

It was a stunning turnaround for a player who went 18-18 in 46 games and helped the Aces reach the Kelly Cup final last season. But Alaska’s loss to South Carolina not only soured Galbraith’s spring, it also started him on a career-changing slide in the off-season.

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