Utah’s Christie Enjoys Time On Ice With Kids

By Ben Webster
The Salt Lake Tribune

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah – Program coordinator at the Acord Ice Center, Chris Billeter, knew the Salt Lake County ice hockey registration was coming up, so he decided to invite the Grizzlies head coach out to teach some of the registrants.

Third-year coach Jason Christie always is up for teaching children at clinics so it was pretty easy to get him on skates to teach a few beginning hockey players.

Kids didn’t exactly line up in droves to take a few spills along with instruction from the head coach on registration day. Just 10 kids participated in the clinic that lasted less than an hour but it didn’t seem to bother any of the young hockey players.

“I just like it that he (Christie) helps me learn and I can get some ice time,” said Dane Jensen one of the clinics participants. “Sometimes I like big clinics but it’s fun when there isn’t many kids too.”

Besides having just a handful of youngsters skate around under the direction of Christie and at the side of Grizzbee, the Grizzlies mascot, there were no sticks, pucks or nets either. Christie and Billeter weren’t bothered by the turnout or the fact that it turned out to be more of a skating clinic than a hockey clinic.

“It’s young kids so they can always use ice time and it’s good for them to get on there edges a bit,” Christie said. “So this, with no sticks and stuff, it was a perfect size for what we did.”

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