Victoria’s Howes Trying To
Get Best From Teammates

By Lindsay Kramer Correspondent

Losing is hard on the Victoria Salmon Kings. Forward Scott Howes makes sure of that.

Howes is one of those many players who gets grumpy when things aren’t going well, but he’s one of the few who takes it upon himself to do something about it.

In practices, he’s been known to get his point across by exchanging a cross check or two, or maybe give a teammate a pointed push after the whistle.

You got a problem with that? How about taking it out on an opponent.

“We’re not doing that well. The way I’ve been taught is the only way to get better is (through) work ethic,” said Howes, 22. “At times I feel guys could work harder, especially in the situation we’re in. If they are going to get angry at me for doing that, I know they are going to work hard against me, and we’re both working hard.”

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