Woods Completes Rare Trifecta In AHL

By Lindsay Kramer
NHL.com Correspondent

Less than 48 hours after guiding his team to a Calder Cup series-clinching win in Manitoba, former ECHL player and coach and current Hershey coach Bob Woods was engaged in a chore that hundreds of residents Chocolatetown would have gladly volunteered to take over for him.

Woods was mowing his lawn on a warm spring evening. Ah, the glory of being a champion.

“I always make time for it. I enjoy doing it,” said Woods, a year-round resident of the Hershey area. “It’s one of the jobs you do, and when it’s done, it looks good. You feel good about it.”

Sound like anything else that’s relevant these days? Like, say, winning a Calder Cup?

Woods, who was promoted from assistant coach to the top spot during the 2007-08 season, is quickly running out of jobs that help carry the Bears to a championship. He is the first man in team history to earn it as a player (1997), assistant coach (2006) and head coach (2009).

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