Wranglers Experience Radical Temp Changes

By Ron Kantowski
Las Vegas Sun

LAS VEGAS – It was 108 in the shade Monday — and the Wranglers were getting ready to play another hockey game.

One hundred eight degrees. Hockey.

That had to be the strangest convergence of diametric entities since Julia Roberts married Lyle Lovett.

Human Torch, meet Mr. Freeze.

“The Flight of the Phoenix,” meet “Ice Station Zebra.”

Habanero pepper, meet Chunky Monkey.

Las Vegas isn’t the only place where this could happen, but the team in Phoenix stinks and the Timbuktu Travelers folded a couple of years ago.

“Coming from Fairbanks, Alaska, to Las Vegas is quite the transition,” forward Kelly Czuy said as the Wranglers continued preparation for the ECHL’s best-of-seven Kelly Cup finals that begin Saturday in Cincinnati, where the high Wednesday was 63 degrees.

Czuy said he has never shot a puck in triple-digit weather until this week. “But getting out of the hot and coming into the cold, I like it.”

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